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Donald Trump’s travel ban

source link   President Trump has issued an executive order ceasing all U.S. immigration from 7 Muslim majority countries suddenly for 90 days and is suspending refugees for 120 days. This has left many discombobulated because there was no warning. 18149

What is Thanksgiving?

  With Thanksgiving being just 2 days away I can already taste the mouthwatering sweet ham, cheesy macaroni, buttery rolls and all the delicious pies. I have waited 11 months for this holiday not realizing that everyday is actually Thanksgiving. We should be thankful everyday that we get another chance at life

Protests against Trump

There has become an outbreak of protests sense the election results of the new United States President, Donald Trump. Many have taken the streets to express their upset. In Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, New York City and many other big cities taking part in the protests. With new terms such as "Not