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What is Thanksgiving?

  With Thanksgiving being just 2 days away I can already taste the mouthwatering sweet ham, cheesy macaroni, buttery rolls and all the delicious pies. I have waited 11 months for this holiday not realizing that everyday is actually Thanksgiving. We should be thankful everyday that we get another chance at life

What I Am Thankful For

By: Cristian Moralez   Family and gratitude were the only ingredients needed for my Thanksgiving week recipe. Over the four day break, there was nothing new to celebrate in my family. We didn't go shopping on Black Friday; we didn't go to a fancy restaurant; we only moved to our dinner table

Are You Thankful For Football?

Football on Thanksgiving has been a tradition for over a century. Today the NFL continues this tradition. NFL Football is one of the greatest sport entertainments of all time. American fans go overboard to watch the excitement that is brought about from professional football. For several decades now, Thanksgiving games have been

Thanksgiving In Nursing Homes

Thanksgiving spirit has proven its ability to permeate through any walls, including those of local nursing homes. It is hard to pass by November without a nice Thanksgiving meal and some nursing homes make sure that their residents do not have to. Thanksgiving activities are usually held before the day of

Different Nationalities Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday most people associate with turkey dinners, family reunions, pumpkin pie, and last but not least, the unofficial start of the Great American Consumer Holiday Block culminating in Christmas shopping sprees. For families of foreign nationalities, Thanksgiving is sometimes thought of a little differently. "Asian relatives bring a lot