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Texas likely to ‘Stay Red’ this year

Though this year has revolved around possibly the most peculiar political race ever, political observers believe there are some things that won't shift this election season. The state of Texas has not been won by a democratic presidential candidate since 1976. Even with the speculation of more blue states this year,

Yates HS Senior Dies After Gunfire at House Party

HOUSTON -- Social media has once again led to the death and injuries of multiple teenagers in the local Houston area for the second time last week. Early Saturday morning, shots were fired outside of a home located on theĀ 4400 block of Tiffany in southwest Houston. The house party, which was promoted

Texas Water Woes Addressed in Proposition 6

Texas is facing a water shortage in coming years. According to a plan the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) published in 2012, demand for water will increase by 22 percent by 2060, while water reserves are projected to fall 10 percent. This may end up costing Texans $160 billion and

Weekdays Bring The Weeknd to the Bayou Music Center

With each airy high note that The Weeknd hit last night at the Bayou Music Center in Houston, it became harder not to walk away from the concert as a full blown fan. The sultry artist's taboo lyrics and production set the crowd ablaze as heĀ poured his heart out, singing

Texas’ Unknown Thirst

My dad is kind of a science geek, and he always lectures me about random topics. Well, they are most likely not very random to him because he is an environmental engineer. But when my parents talked about landscaping our backyard, they wanted to make sure that the plants we

A Touch of Gray

It's around the time of year that the sun begins to hide more than usually and the weather gets a little cold. Well, less hot if you live in Texas. Normally I wouldn't pay so much attention to a rain cloud or two, but I find myself suddenly inspired by the