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The Houston Outlaws: What to Expect from Game 1 After a defeat in the inaugural games and a disheartening 11th place finish nearly a month ago, the Outlaws are back on the stage in two days (as of this writing) against the Philadelphia Fusion. It's a minor change, but the games have been revealed to be streamed directly to Twitch.

Super Bowl: Fans’ Reactions

The Seattle Seahawks bested the Denver Broncos in this year's Super Bowl, sporting a decisive 43-8 win. How they got to that point is mainly through an impenetrable defense capable overwhelming even quarterback legend Peyton Manning and an offense capable of keeping him off the field. Several people gave their thoughts

Texans vs. Titans Recap

The Houston Texans played the Tennessee Titans at home on Sunday September 15th, once again pulling out a narrow victory. The Texans were coming off a close victory the previous week against the San Diego Chargers overcoming a 21 point deficit and winning the game on a last second field