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Nicki Minaj helps pay for college

This past weekend rapper NIcki Minaj had posted a tweet that sparked interest of many indebted college students in the U.S. She called out on twitter asked for proof of straight A's from students in exchange for some money to help with college tuition. 19404

North west Harris County drug bust

  Juston Dew, 21, and Octivous Williams, 25 both arrested this week after authorities seized a large amount of drugs and weapons from their residence in NW Harris County. Authorities recovered 83 pounds of THC, 264 ounces of promethazine and codeine, also 26 bars of Xanax and 14 pounds of marijuana. In

Black Teen Fatally Shot By Police In Ohio

Last night, Columbus police fatally shot Tyree King, a 13 year old black male, after pulling a BB gun from his waistband. The teen was shot “multiple times” by 9-year Police veteran Brian Mason. Police initially pursued King and another suspect - Demetrius Braxton, after fleeing from being questioned following

Key Players Traded at NBA Trade Deadline

Last Thursday on February 20th was the NBA trade deadline. There were no All- Star players that were dealt, but players that can make a significant impact were. Here are some of the more impacting trades. Los Angelas  Lakers and Golden State Warriors Warriors get guard Steve Blake Lakers get Guards Kent Bazemore and