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Track-by-Track Review: Lady Gaga ‘ARTPOP’

Lady Gaga unleashed her highly anticipate album ARTPOP today after over 2 years out of the spotlight. The followup to the critically acclaimed Born This Way, ARTPOP delivers the perfect blend of catchy pop tunes with stunning rock and r&b slow jams. Check out the track by track review as Gaga

Skipping with the Music

Almost all songs have tonal shifts: the music changes from the singer to a chorus, or from soft to that grating part, or in some other way there is a change. After hearing a song once, I automatically start waiting for that one moment where the song changes. Of course,

Lady Gaga Unleashes Promo Single “Do What U Want”

Lady Gaga has once again turned the music industry upside down as she preps for the release of her third full length album ARTPOP. At midnight earlier today, she unleashed the compulsive promotional single "Do What U Want (To My Body)" ft. r&b icon R. Kelly. While Gaga maintains her position as

The Other Side of Miley

Surprise! Two blog posts in one night? I know, I'm shocked as well! The other night I was procrastinating on starting my homework, as usual, when I happened upon the new Miley Cyrus documentary airing on MTV. If there's any three things you should know about me, it's that I love fashion, Nicki

Weekdays Bring The Weeknd to the Bayou Music Center

With each airy high note that The Weeknd hit last night at the Bayou Music Center in Houston, it became harder not to walk away from the concert as a full blown fan. The sultry artist's taboo lyrics and production set the crowd ablaze as he poured his heart out, singing


As a kick-start to the making of this blog, today I am writing about the latest popular music leak, Nothing Was The Same. Because the album is lengthy, I'm splitting the reviews up into 4 tracks a day. On Sunday night, September 15, 2013, rapper Drake's much anticipated third solo album