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The NBA, League of Legends and You

buy accutane acne The very nature of multiplayer games since their inception has been, to some degree, competitiveness. As the technology and media advanced to make these all the more possible, some franchises flourished out of the rough, and none more well-recognized than Riot Games' own League of Legends. It makes sense that there's

Rengar is Fun

Today, I practiced my league skills by not dying with Rengar. Now, Rengar's a unique character because he has no mana bar but instead has a mechanic called Ferocity. Ferocity stacks by up to 5 and increases by one each time you use an ability on an enemy. Naturally this means

My First Kill in League of Legends

So, another post about League. This time I joined a game with my friend who, having played for a while, is in the Gold IV ranked league. Not bad. Playing with a friend who's also connected over Skype improves the game experience a hundred times over, because they can explain the