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The Houston Outlaws: What to Expect from Game 1

After a defeat in the inaugural games and a disheartening 11th place finish nearly a month ago, the Outlaws are back on the stage in two days (as of this writing) against the Philadelphia Fusion. It's a minor change, but the games have been revealed to be streamed directly to Twitch.

Rengar is Fun

Today, I practiced my league skills by not dying with Rengar. Now, Rengar's a unique character because he has no mana bar but instead has a mechanic called Ferocity. Ferocity stacks by up to 5 and increases by one each time you use an ability on an enemy. Naturally this means

League of Losing

Playing League of Legends as a new player can be hard. When all your friends are already experienced enough in the game to help out the team and you're at level 4 playing champions that go free for the week, it's difficult to satisfy the demands that playing on a