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The beginning of the end

It has been a long journey of high school, now the end is near. I cannot wait until the day my diploma enters the palm of my hand. This was my first year at a public high school and my anxiety has gone up. 19225

Rockets Lose Game 1 to the Trailblazers

A scuffle has broken out about five meters to my left. Two men seem to be heated about something. "Stop it" says an old lady. "Don't touch my f****** girl man" said a man as he is being separated from another. I do not bother myself with such childish behavior. I sit there

Houston Rockets Week 4 Recap

The third week of the season is a wrap for the Houston Rockets. They went 3 and 1 on the week and are now 7 and 4 on the season.   Monday 11/11/13 Toronto Raptors 104 vs. Houston Rockets 110 2OT The game took not one, but two overtimes for the Rockets to pull

Houston Rockets Week 2 Recap

The Houston Rockets have completed their second week of the season. They went 1 for 3 this week and are now 4 for 3 on the season.   Monday 11/4/13 Houston Rockets 118 vs. Los Angeles Clippers 137 The Clippers handed the Rockets their first loss of the season. The Rockets performance was miserable all around.

Houston Rockets Week 1 Recap

The Houston Rockets season has begun and three games are now in the books. With a 3 and 0 record the Rockets are looking pretty good.   Wednesday 10/30/13 Charlotee Bobcats 83 vs. Houston 96 Dwight Howard in his debut for the Rockets finished with 17 points and a carrier tying high of 26

Jeremy Lin or Patrick Beverley

There has been some speculation that the starting point guard position for the Houston Rockets is still undecided. With the choices being either Jeremy Lin or Patrick Beverley the decision has many factors. In the 2011- 2012 season Jeremy Lin started his first full season in the NBA. The guard in his third season undrafted out of Harvard is the first