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The beginning of the end

It has been a long journey of high school, now the end is near. I cannot wait until the day my diploma enters the palm of my hand. This was my first year at a public high school and my anxiety has gone up. 19225

Graduation on the horizon for many

It's January, and for many high school seniors-- actually, about 3.5 million for the 2016-17 school year-- that means graduation is somewhere close to five months away. An even earlier deadline is the so-called "grade lock" deadline, when seniors' grades are finalized for transcript submissions to college (somewhere in the

Reflections of a Teenage Drama Queen

This past week was Spring Break, which is of course the best time to make important decisions. I did just that: I committed to the university that will be my home for the next four years. Making this decision, however, has caused me to realize how much I will miss high

HISD Basketball Playoff Round 1 Results

High school basketball fans across HISD are at the edge of their seats as teams from the area observe the annual playoffs now that the regular season has ended. The games kicked off last Tuesday, and here are the results from the first-round competition. District 20 5A Westside (60) vs. Strake Jesuit (45) Bellaire (41)

Cardinal Clash

By: Helen Lu Are teachers smarter than the students they teach? More specifically, are some teachers smarter than the brainiest 12th graders of the school? At Bellaire High it is easy to find out. Cardinal Clash is an annual event that pits four teachers against the four seniors of the Academic Challenge

Sleep Is For People Who Need It

How does one know when they've developed insomnia? Is it the sleepless nights? Or is this the thoughts that entertain your mind while you shuffle your face in your pillow from side to side? How is it possible for someone who wakes up so early to experience such late nights? I guess you

It’s Finally Time to Answer THOSE Questions

It seems that as a senior in high school, all adults feel obliged to ask me the same few questions. Not that I blame the adults in my life for asking me these question, it's simply that they never fail to make me feel like a disappointing human specimen. 1. So,

Staying in School Has its Rewards

By: Helen Lu On weekdays I could pretend to be sick and stay home, take a three period long lunch break, go shopping, or I could go to school. So how do principals keep students going to each period at school? Principal McDonough of Bellaire High School has a pretty good strategy.

Project Santa

There’s only one man that can travel the globe in one night and deliver toys and gifts to all the households in the world, but that does not mean that a group of students can’t try to take on his job. Bellaire High School’s student council organized this year’s Project Santa

3 Flaws in the PowerUp Laptop Initiative

By: Helen Lu Give kids computers and they will learn more seems to be the basis behind Terry Grier’s district-wide PowerUp initiative. Bellaire High School has been selected as one of the few schools to begin implementing Phase 1 of the initiative, a program that plans to issue HP laptops to students.


I've learned in the past week that I can't do everything. I mean, who wouldn't want to be Superman? I sure wouldn't mind it. This past week has been filled with everything from college applications, baby showers, office supplies, schoolwork and everything in between. I'm not complaining. I like to stay occupied, and

Exchange Students vs. Us

Earth is such a small planet in the solar system, yet cultures from its opposite hemispheres can be so different. Distinguished by its magnet language and foreign exchange programs, Bellaire High School takes in students from around the world to experience life as a Bellaire student. I get to meet

A Late Start on College

In the midst of the college application process, I've discovered that I have not actually started the college application process. I walk around my school and most of the conversations amongst my classmates involve discussions about college essays and deadlines and applications and I have no clue what they're talking about