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Flappy Bird: Why Did This Fad Have to Rise to the Top?

Flappy Bird, if you haven't heard of it, is an app that combines the premise of Helicopter (that age-old Flash game) and the graphics of Super Mario Bros. in an effort to create a fun bit of mobile entertainment. Its unfortunate success on the iPhone and Android platforms painfully reminds

Experiment 12: Review Part 1

Imagine, if you will, if 12 different screenwriters contributed parts of the script for Star Wars: A New Hope. Or if J.K. Rowling collaborated with 11 other aspiring writers to create Harry Potter. This production from multiple sources is exactly how the indie game Experiment 12 came to be. Experiment 12 is

Dimension flipping item hunting

Today I played Fez for the first time. Having seen videos of the game and Indie Game: The Movie, I knew a lot about Fez going into it. What I didn't expect was the music and the detail put into each environment. You start off the game as a typical blocky 2D