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Eggnogg: The Metagame Is The Game

I'm back again with Eggnogg, the Niddhogg "parody" I introduced in this article.  The more I play Eggnogg, the more I realize it's just a complex rock-paper-scissors game. You're given clear options to use in a given situation to deal with your opponent, but the game locks you into a few choices

Eggnogg Game Review

Eggnogg is a 2D sidescrolling swordfighting two-player competitive game. If this all sounds like well-known indie game called Niddhogg, that's because it is a parodic, less sophisticated clone of that game released for the low price of free for Mac and PC. Just because it steals ideas wholesale, however, does

Marth, the Slippery Slidey Swordsman

Marth deserves another post about him.  So Marth in Super Smash Bros. Melee is the character I main. It is true what they say: he's easy to learn but very hard to master, and harder still to play against higher level opponents. I have been playing as Marth, and exclusively Marth, for

Let’s talk about SSF2: Black Mage

Black Mage feels like the character Sakurai always wanted to make but thought it was too many unique mechanics to pack into one newcomer.  To explain, an outline of his moves follows. BM is a small, short wizard with attacks equally short in range. They're all slow. His fastest attack is

Let’s talk about SSF2: Mario

Mcleodgaming has been credited with creating the most authentic Super Smash Bros. experience outside of the official Nintendo titles. I can mostly agree- the core elements of the game (the characters, stages, movesets, even engine details like hitstun and directional influence) are taken from Brawl and Melee and they remain

Let’s talk about SSF2: Ness

I often doubt the validity of the SSF2 wiki's tier list, since there is a severe lack of competitive play with this game and it's too new to evaluate characters strengths and weaknesses. Right now, it seems that the SSF2 team is aiming to emulate Brawl as closely as possible

Let’s talk about SSF2: Sora

Sora, the Kingdom Hearts protagonist, turns out to be a powerful force in SSF2. In my opinion, he plays  a lot like Marth, at least offensively. He has great range in his attacks, fantastic aerials that combo into each other like butter combos into bread, and many ways to punish foes. For

Why Melee is The Best Game

I just have to share my love for Super Smash Bros Melee. This game released in 2001 for the Gamecube, has enjoyed a remarkable 12-year lifespan and increases in popularity over each passing year. It has attracted pro players from every country, many of whom have gone on to lead successful