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A spring of scholarships

finax 500mg qid The final wave of college applications has come and gone for a majority of schools with deadlines that started as early as October 1st and concluding admission on January 1st. However, even though applications are submitted, there are still a massive amount of scholarships and funding that must be incorporated before

Tips for filing FAFSA now

  The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the financial aid assistance that students need in order to pay for college. However, this year FAFSA threw a curve ball toward the class of 2017. In years past, this financial aid package would open its applications on January 1st, however

College-bound breakthroughs

College-bound programs are being implemented into the daily curriculum within not only high school campuses, but also in middle school.This is quite staggering when addressing the issue of success, and success is the only foreseeable outcome possible. 15471

Tips on surviving the SAT

( Image Source )   Long nights studying , wild adventures you'll remember for years to come, rowdy football games and making friendships that will last a lifetime - these are the things people think of  for the "College Experience". There is only one monumental thing standing between being admitted into your dream college

A College Dilemma

When I started getting my admissions back from colleges, I was sooo happy. The first letters did not even come from colleges I really wanted to go to but I was relieved to at least have gotten the college process out of the way. Now that almost all of my

The joys of being a second semester senior

Right now I feel like graduation is just around the corner. Unfortunately, though, I still have almost two months left of high school. I cannot wait until I am free from petty assignments and classes. With the pressure of actually graduating dwindling (it's highly unlikely that I am going to fail

Not Music, But Still Major.

With prom approximately four weeks away, the pressure to seriously settle down on a dress has increased drastically. Lately I've spent hours at a time slaving over a hot iPad shopping online for nice dresses. Halter, sweetheart, keyhole, one-shoulder, strapless, mermaid style, empire style, etc. The options seem never ending

Sleep Is For People Who Need It

How does one know when they've developed insomnia? Is it the sleepless nights? Or is this the thoughts that entertain your mind while you shuffle your face in your pillow from side to side? How is it possible for someone who wakes up so early to experience such late nights? I guess you

It’s Finally Time to Answer THOSE Questions

It seems that as a senior in high school, all adults feel obliged to ask me the same few questions. Not that I blame the adults in my life for asking me these question, it's simply that they never fail to make me feel like a disappointing human specimen. 1. So,

An Ulcerous Education

There is nothing like college to make your stomach quench, churn and generally malfunction. There is nothing like no answer back from any college to make things worse. I waited all of today for a college admission letter. All day. Or even all week. Or rather, since I applied in November. And then

Fearing the Unknown

Senior year is not over yet.  I still have homework and tests and projects, but everything seems unimportant and sooooo 9th grade. I never thought I would get senioritis, what with my dedication to being dedicated, but with the arrival of college applications, I have suddenly found myself viewing school through

Preparing for the Future

Hello everyone! I figured that since I posted about my lack of expertise when it comes to applying to colleges earlier this week, I'd give you an update on my progress thus far. If there is one thing high school has taught me, it's that procrastination is not the best way to

A Late Start on College

In the midst of the college application process, I've discovered that I have not actually started the college application process. I walk around my school and most of the conversations amongst my classmates involve discussions about college essays and deadlines and applications and I have no clue what they're talking about