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By: Elisabeth Gray

I hear a creek followed by a series of hurried footsteps. What could it be? My mind starts racing and I imagine all of the horrifying possibilities. From the next room I hear my sassy little cat, Tiger Lily let out an angry hiss. Her cry caused me to leap out of bed, ready to help her.

I quickly ran into the neighboring room and scanned the area for the cause of the commotion. My eyes can identify two small furry objects. One cowering in a corner with its teeth bared, ears back and hair on end. The other strolling idley through the room as though he was a model owning the catwalk.

The cowering fuzzy ball is my baby girl, Tiger Lily. Her terror mounting as the strange cat approached her. The confident cat stranger did not belong to me, and defintely did not belong in my home.

For a minute I stood, shocked by the presence of this unfamiliar animal. The cat ignored me and began to eat lasily out of my cat’s food bowl.

There is an intruder in my house! He was eating me cats food, like a bully stealing a childs lunch money.

I gasped and chased the cat away from the food bowl, around the house and out the cat door. I returned to Tiger Lilly to make sure she was alright. My cat was less tense but still clearly upset about this unwanted presence invading her home.

I could not stand for this!

Later that night, I saw the evil cat staring through the window at Tiger Lily. My cat stayed far away from the window and stared fixedly back. This evil cat continues to return everyday, forcing me to block the cat door when I am not in the house to protect my kitty.

Hopefully this bully will not return and will leave my Kitty in peace.

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