My Accordion Bussiness

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Whats the craziest thing I have ever done? It appears to be my accordion business I have managed to open just a few weeks ago. According to my  crazy mouth and the help of my beautiful Griselda (my accordion). I have managed to open up my accordion business.

My accordion business started by one day playing my instrument in Traders village and someone asking me if it was in sale. The answer was no, but later that day i was asked around 12 times and I couldn’t resist a lie.

When I said “yes”, my accordion was on sale, later I started to give numbers out. A week later my accordion was sold. And I bought another one half the price I had recently sold mine.

Today my accordion business is starting out, but I personally give a decent amount. I sell from recognized brands like Honer and Gabbenelli.

Anyone interested can email me at Or locate my shop at 77077 Tradersvillage.

Cristian Moralez

Soccer Fan @Club America From Staten Island New York

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