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Blackhat Movie Review

In a life where the internet controls nearly one hundred percent of our time, we must know that this addicting virtual power is not always, if not ever, private. Millions of people use the internet every day, whether it be to google a last minute gourmet recipe to impress your date or to log in to your social media of choice and interact with the mass (or small) group of followers you’ve accumulated over the past few months or years. As a result, we humans have somehow created a new alternative life, a digital life.

Just like we are exposed to physical danger in our everyday organic lives, our digital lives are in danger of hacking, the modern, complex, and digital way of being victim of a crime. Screenwriters Morgan Davis Foehl and Michael Mann successfully create a situation for this modern warfare in the American film, Blackhat (2015).

Blackhat is an Action Thriller, directed by Mann himself that will be distributed by Universal Pictures on January 16th, 2015. The film focuses on a fictional scenario in which a mysterious hacker and his team of goons cause global chaos by hacking into American and Chinese corporations and agencies with no political or economic motive. The first hit the hacker plays out, which is shown in the beginning of the movie, is targeted at a nuclear power plant in Chai Wan, Hong Kong. He causes the nuclear power plant to undergo a meltdown just by tapping the enter key on his keyboard, scary right?

As a result of the attack, the Chinese and American government decide to collaborate on finding and shutting down the hacker by sending in Chen Dawai (Leehom Wang) who demands to receive help from American hacker and convict Nicholas Hathaway (played by the handsome and well known actor Chris Hemsworth.) Consequently, the U.S government agrees to give Hathaway furlough after the sarcastic man demands a negotiation. As the convict makes his way across the globe to find the hacker, he not only comes across the lovely Lien Chen (Wei Tang,) but also comes face to face with a bittersweet fact. The fact that not everything goes as planned.

The film is surely confusing for the average person for it introduces a lot of hacking terms and complex scenarios that are expected for the viewer to know. However, the 133 minute film is very compelling and shocking. With its fresh, modern plot, Blackhat will inevitably cause viewers across the globe to think of how exposed everything is thanks to modern technology. How nothing is safe. How we are no longer in control.

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