Power Up


By: Marycler Catalan

Two days ago Davis High School join the rest of the high school to the new program Power Up. Each student had a different perspective to this new way of learning. Some students were happy while others didn’t like the idea of doing their work on the laptop and the rest were in between. Well I’m one of those students who are in between. For example, I’m happy for the laptop because I can search lesson or watch tutorial videos right in that moment instead of going to the library. Also if I miss a class that same day I can catch up to the lesson and is like I was in the class. However, when it comes to take notes or reading I like to have a book where I can highlight words and when I write notes in a paper I have the feel that I learn more, well that just me. At the end of the day is a requirement for everyone to use the laptop for school work even if you think is a waste of time so might as get used.

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