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The Shutdown- A Personal Delusion

The first time I ever really considered reading the newspaper, I was out of all other options. I had read all of my books and we were stuck in the airport because my family’s flight back to Houston had been cancelled.

I picked up the newspaper and I remember vaguely staring down at the words and wondering that maybe I could just sleep? I mean, I had just woken up, but reading the newspaper was just so 20th century.

I opened it up to a random crinkly, slightly stained page and started reading. I have no clue what the first article was about. Chances were, it being 2007, it centered on the impending election or a governmental policy.

It does not matter in the slightest because I understood absolutely nothing.

Six years later, reading the newspaper has become a tradition of mine. I read any newspaper I can get my hands along with magazines and the books I so loved as a child.

In six years never have I not wanted to know the news. I live for the news. Being on vacation seems like impending death if I cannot get my hands on some news about the world written in English.

This weekend I will not be looking forward to reading the newspaper. The government shutdown is so extremely deluding to me. How can a government just up and decide to shut down? What do we (well not me, I’m still 17) elect people to Congress for if they are just going to shut down the government?

Well the simple answer is we do not. Last night a CNN poll came in showing that Congress’s approval rating was at the all time low of 10%. Quite surprising I know.

My approval rating right now is more around 1% and that is just because I still, as crazy, delusional, and naive as this may sound, believe that the government will open again and partisanship will be overcome. At this point, I could not care less if a senator or representative is Democratic or Republican. I just want both to compromise so I can watch some pandas crawl around on the panda cam again.

Silvia Pera
Silvia is a current senior at Carnegie Vanguard High School. She writes for the Houston Chronicle classroom newspaper, DUDE magazine, and the Carnegie Voice (her school's newspaper). She is co-print editor for the Chronicle Insight.

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