Living 116 and letting God choose my path after highschool


By: Maria Ramirez

Today I was appreciating the laughter and fun I’m having at my internship and I realized something.

I’m so happy 🙂

My life isn’t where I want it to be but it’s so much better than where I used to be.

Before accepting Christ into my life, I was NOT a friendly person.

I was a jerk!!!! 

I didn’t make conversation with people, and I didn’t want to make conversation.

Of course there are days where I want to be to myself because maybe I have something I’m praying about or a lot on my mind.

But younger, I isolated myself. I was completely disgusted by humanity and wanted nothing to do with people.

But as I was enjoying my conversation with my friends today and just thinking about how I would never do this three years ago…

I love people, and learning new things about people all the time!

Its quite great to see the change God has made in me. 

I wouldn’t have any friends or be so happy if it weren’t for him.

And as high school is ending and I say good-bye to all of these people, and go on a whole new path, I’m learning to give him all of my life, and thanking him for the little moments that I

still have right now to enjoy with those around me.

I’m excited to see my family hopefully getting a home.

Because we have still been living evicted…

But I know things are changing this year.



And God is doing good, and new things 🙂 

Maria Ramirez

I love Jesus, Christian Rap, and making people laugh!

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