More than a counselor By: Jarvis Dillard



Some may see it weird. Some may say that it’s favoritism, but I see it as a bond that can’t be broken.

The two counselors at my school are very close to me and some of the other students. So close that I call them mom and aunt. My “mom” was probably one of the first people that I knew and vice versa when my school merged with HISD. We received an almost entirely new faculty as well as all new administrators. The principal wanted to get to know some of the top students at the school, so they organized a group called “The Voice” to come during the summer so that they could get input on what we, the students, wanted the following school year to come. I really don’t know how we got to where we are now, but we are really close and I’m so glad that she treats us like her own and cares for our future which really none of our recent counselors did.


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