Police Brutality

Caleb Richard

Worthing High School


Police are put here to protect and serve the people but when most individuals come in contact with the police they get paranoid.

Well considering the recent events that have involved the police I understand why many dislike/fear the authorities.

The Eric Garner epidemic in Staten Island has brought consciousness to the forefront American citizens of yet another police brutality that involved a Caucasian police officer and an African American victim.

There are many more of these but the most controversial are The Michael Brown event in Ferguson (2014), The Trayvon Martin occasion in Florida (2012).

How can the American people trust it’s government if they can’t even trust their local authorities?

How long before another one of the tragedies happen?

As a citizen of the U.S. we deserve an explanation as to why none of these police officers received punishment.

Just because they are policemen does give the prestige.

If an average Joe even so much as have a gun in public and the authorities know, then that individual will be severely punished.

In the Ferguson event Darren Wilson was suspended with pay not long before he resigned.

After his interviews with ABC Wilson paid the sum of $500,000 Dollars for each interview (Search this on Google to find out more).

In the Trayvon Martin case Zimmerman was found acquitted and has since vanished off the radar.

How many of these coincidences will it take before the public starts to realize that there is some type of connection with all of these instances?

Maybe this is all to start a racist war among the American public, which will soon bring about segregation in some parts of the U.S.

It only takes one to start a revolution, will you be the ONE.

Jaliyyah Hodge

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