By: Heaven Lee Murphy

The UR Experience lived up to the hype. Houston fans were presented with a stellar performance by Usher and August Alsina. Although the show didn’t sell out, Usher and Alsina gave the concert goers their money’s worth and much more.

XXL 2014 Freshman- August Alsina opened the show. Although new to the scene, Alsina is a true performer, with an incredible vocal range.

He is very fan-oriented. Between songs, he told mini life stories that gave a glimpse into his personal life.

His songs border hip hop and R&B but he leans more towards hip hop. His songs are for jamming.

When he sung Kissin’ on my Tattoos the crowd went wild!  The crowd felt Alsina’s passion towards his craft by his facial expressions. As his vocal pitch rose, he closed his eyes it was very mesmerizing.  It was almost like he was singing directly to you and you alone.He was the perfect opening act for the UR Experience.

The arena fell dark. The room grew thick with anticipation. The only thing visibe was the glow from cell phones in the audience.

Suddenly-a puff of smoke grew from the sides of the stage and Usher appeared from the back then pop-locked to the front.

Usher’s movements flowed like water. His dancers’ steps were as light as air. But everyone had fire in their eyes, which made the earth rock. All of the elements were on stage.

Usher is very talented! He is one of the few singers that can keep up with his dancers while singing his heart out. He could really

Usher was incredible! He really gave an experience. The effects were on point and the lighting was great!

Overall the show gets four out of five stars.



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