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Top Ten Scary Movies

By: Laila McCutcheon

1) The Exorcist – In this movie an innocent little girl named Reagan is possessed after playing with a wee-gee board. This is by far the scariest movies ever.  The reign of terror this spirit unleashes is terrifying! It is all our worst fears in one.

2) Alien – This movie is so scary that words cannot even describe it. There is gore, physiological horror and the reality of all the horrible possibilities as we continue to explore space.

3) The Ring- In this movie a mother and her child are haunted and run from death, with only seven days to live. The physiological horror and disturbing visuals it will scared you out of your mind.

4) The Omen- In this movie the anti- Christ comes in the form of an adorable child. There are decapitations and hangings all because of this cute little boy. This movie literally made me feel sick that this cute little boy could cause such horror.

5) Rosemary’s Baby- In this movie a young couple are trying to have a baby but some people have some malevolent plans for the baby.

6) Nightmare on Elm Street- In this movie a horrible disfigured man kill’s people while they sleep. It is supper scary gory and just gross.

7) Paranormal Activity- Supernatural horror is the scare factor in this movie. A demon has attached its self to a new couple. The home videos make it seem all too real and that it really could happen.

8) Child’s Play- A strangler puts his soul into a toy so his reign of terror won’t end. The fact that it is a child’s toy and a mass murders is cuddling in bed with the little boy was too much for me.

9) The Blair Witch Project- The unknown stars in this horror movie let us empathize completely with them and really feel the terror. All the horrifying plot twists and the ending in this movie completely scared me out of my wits.

10) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – This movie has so much blood and gore I couldn’t get through it. The cannibals were just way too much for me.


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