Top Ten Senior Prank Ideas

watch By: Laila McCutcheon

buy a heart lyrics Senior year is almost half way over, but we have to have an amazing senior prank to finish it off. A lot of the ideas I have hear could get some people in trouble and even be costly. However they were really great so here are the top ten senior prank ideas:

1)Nap in the hallway

Everyone has wanted to just go to sleep during some class, so senior nap day! Just go into the hall at a certain time and sleep.

2)Bring animals so school

When us seniors go to college we are going to miss our pets, so bring them to school one day.

3)Turn off all the lights and play EDM music over the loud speakers

Make it a party with glowsitcks and loud music.

4)T.P. The school

This classic prank never gets old

5)Have a color run in school

They are so much fun why not have one at school.

6)Get 4 animals paint on them numbers 1, 2, 3, and 5 watch everyone try and find number 4.

This is one of the funniest pranks ever, and can be used elsewhere as well.

7)Fill the hallway / stairs with cups

Block the upstairs classrooms! No class!

8)Switch seniors with another school for a day

Teachers and staff will be so confused, just make sure everyone gets a ride.

9)Put blow horns under all the teachers seats

You get to scare your teachers and have a good harmless laugh.

10)Change the name of the school by moving letters

This is alot of work and it only works with certain school names but it is worth it.


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