My new Netflix obsession

By: Cindy Wakiyama

Since I have finished with Gilmore Girls, I needed a new show to binge on.

Also I have been thinking for a while about pledging a sorority, so I have been into anything that connects to Greek life.

I do know that TV shows and movies don’t properly represent real Greek life, maybe in some campuses, you never know. But it’s still a fun way to fantasize and imagine how my life will be next year.

I think that this show does a better job than most because it shows more than just constant partying and random hook ups.

It shows many interesting conflicts that had me hooked enough to make it all the way to the third season just in the little free time that I had during Thanksgiving break.

I definitely love Cassie, one of the main characters, because she’s just a lost girl who seems to have it all figured out but doesn’t really. That’s the boat that I’m on.

And it also makes me not so scared about college because I don’t think that I will really know what I want until a while from now.

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