The dreadful English class

buy gabapentin 300 mg By: Cindy Wakiyama

go Bored-StudentsSchool is usually not the best thing about a teen’s life and it can be even less exciting when the teachers are not holding up their end of their deal.

This year I am taking AP English Literature and Composition, which I had anticipated to be a difficult class from my experience in AP English Language and Composition, but we are not being held to the highest of standards.

My teacher has been mostly all over the place when it comes to planning. She’ll tell us that we have a quiz on Monday, then Monday comes around and it’s forgotten and never mentioned again.

This teacher is hurting my chances of passing my AP test. She is not pushing any of us hard enough or exposing us to the content in the pace that we need to be exposed to. She teaches an AP class with the same level of forgiveness one would with a kindergarten class. Unacceptable.

As difficult as my AP classes were last year, my teachers pushed me very hard and gave me heavy amounts of homework and I was able to get threes in all my tests which is rare in my school. But now I have to find the courage to do extra work on my own in order to pass.

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