Gilmore Girls and the feels By: Cindy Wakiyama imagesSo, it’s Gilmore Girls again.

I really wish that I was creative enough to come up with new topics, but it’s hard when this show is taking over my life.

There are wasted years of my life when I did not take part in this awesome, life-changing TV culture.

Anyway, I have not made through this show as fast as I usually make through a Netflix show since I have been very busy and consequently tired. But this has made my experience with this show much better than any other show since I’ve been savoring it like one does wine.

As the show goes on, it draws me in closer. Now that Rory is getting closer to graduation and becoming more grounded, her mother is becoming increasing unstable while somehow finding ways to grow up in between freak outs.

The best thing about this show is how close it feels to real life. Even now that I’m in the seventh season and the show will wrap up in a few episodes, the knots are not tying themselves nicely. Some things seem to lead up to a happy ending while others are fighting against it: just like how life works. Nothing is ever all good or all bad, that’s the magic of Gilmore Girls.

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