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Closet Cuteness!

By: Jarvis Dillard

dressingup Getting up in the morning and getting “cute” for school is so hard for some people. They can’t find what to wear. To them, it seems like there’s nothing that matches and so they just throw some clothes on and come to school. I do the exact same thing, but the difference is, the clothing that I have.

A lot of people think that it takes me awhile to get dressed. But it actually doesn’t. I honestly am rushed to get dressed in the morning and have less than 30 minutes to get ready. I honestly just see something cute in my closet and put it on. When you have my time frame to get dressed, and even if you have more time, it’s all about what you buy and how you  rock it.

If one has a question about where I shop, I normally say Forever21 or Aliexpress. Forever21 has an enormous amount of clothing that is cute, fashionable and adaptable to any season. Aliexpress is an online/app store that harvests a bunch of different varieties of clothing from different places of the world. Their pieces are inexpensive and easy to wear.

Anyone can be a fashionista or a fashion Man. Just know your style and how you want to present your self.

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