A tour of TAMU

http://socialfirms.org.uk/socialfirms/latestnews.asp By: Cindy Wakiyama

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The college selection process is as stressful as finding one’s soul mate. One must look at all the options and find the one who will be part with his life forever, but in this case, there are no divorces.

I got to see A&M yesterday with my mom. It was my second tour, but the first with my mom and I was so excited. This tour covered new places that from what I saw my junior year, and I also found out more about the school in this trip; for example, many of the animators from Pixars are Aggies and they like to recruit Aggies from the visualization department yearly. Which means that I have a greater chance of becoming part of the magic of Disney. I got so excited.

Today is the memorial for the 12 students who passed away in the bonfire of 1999, so yesterday we were showed the spot of the last official bonfire of A&M along with the arches that were built for each student. When standing under each arch, one can see a carved picture of each person and opposite to it, there are texts from their families and friends. Each arch is positioned to point to their home.

Around two a.m. this morning, the core cadets along with other students walked silently to the memorial to honor the Aggies who died on that day. This is definitely a tradition that I want to participate in when I become an Aggie.

This trip made me realize, more than ever, that I want to be part of this student body. The magic has not left from my first college trip as a junior, even after visiting other schools, I still find A&M to be enchanting. That’s how I know that I have made the right choice.



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