HUDL T3 By: Guadalupe Rodriguez

buy Lyrica 150 mg online This past weekend (11/15/14) the third Houston Urban Debate League tournament was held at Austin High School and it was weirdly calming. I guess I can say my team was quite “successful.” It was the first tournament that had what debaters call “breaking” or moving out to the out rounds.

Our first round was weak, our opponents went up there and spoke for like 16 minutes in total. In a good round each team is suppose to speak no more than 28 minutes. We won the round, but it was not a surprise. After that our second and third round were pretty well, there was clash and actual content in both rounds and we won both rounds.

Then the craziness started. They day before the tournament I decided to donate blood, and that was a bad idea because during the tournament I started feeling really weak and tired. I was so lightheaded I almost passed out before my fourth round, which by the way was a loss.

Despite this, my team and I were able to break to quarter finals, then we won that round and moved to semi finals where we faced one of the best world schools debate teams from Westside High School. ¬†Although I admire their skill, I would definitely appreciate if they were less “condescending.” We lost the round 2-1 and they won the entire tournament in their event.

I am very happy with my team. Despite all the craziness K. S and I have gone through, we’re still managing to pull through. Maybe we can even make to nationals.



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