Neglecting Debate

watch Have y’all noticed how I haven’t uploaded a blog about debate??? Well I’ve been neglecting the love of my life lately and I’m so sad. I haven’t done my cases and the tournament is this Saturday. I am just a little depressed about it. I miss my favorite partnership M. K and K.S. When we first started out the three of us together in January 2014 it was my favorite time ever. We all worked together pretty well. There was no weirdness and we all had a common goal: to win. Ever since things got weird and M. K and I got into a fight things haven’t been the same. Not only do I miss him in my debate team but my relationship with K. S is not very professional. I wish K. S was a little more understanding and hardworking. He’s all talent so therefore he just kinda goes to tournaments without preparation. I wish he would understand how much I want to go to nationals and how much he needs to work in order to be as good as last years champions (Alyssa Arceo from Debakey.)

I wish K.S and I would just focus on Debate and not worry about stupid outside drama. I miss when M.K, K.S and I were all about debate. Now we’re all about weird stuff that I wish wouldn’t exist. I hate all this unnecessary feelings that are getting in the way of debate.


I’m done with my rant, I love you debate, I promise I’ll work on you this week.

Debate Team at the beginning of my senior year, awful time

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