Renaissance Festival 2014

Deltasone without prescription By: Maria Ramirez

click here The festival took place in Todd Mission, TX  and started in 1974. There is a event, item, and food, for ALL kinds of people out there. Some of those whom have attended before have seen the attire that is admired, and decided to follow it and came in similar clothing.

It was an amazing experience as it had been last year. Knowing that nothing is cheap there, I brought a total of 25$ Which in surprise got me everything I had wanted! We entered and were immediately greeted by all the workers, whom were in character throughout the festival.

Seeing the characters last year compared to this year has been a complete change. Last year, I thought they were weird, and they made me feel uncomfortable on how convincing they were. As I walked in this year, I actually went along with what all the characters said! They spoke in mid evil terms and addressed us all as either, “My lady” or “Lord”.

I bought a perfume bottle from a store called “La perfume Parlour”. Which originally was 15-20$ last year, but I was so happy that they only made it 10$ this year. As well a tradition for all the ladies whom are into flower crowns, the renaissance is the perfect place to go to! The head bands were 15$ and possibly the best 15$ I’ve ever spent!

Everything there is very pricey, and this is only because it’s handmade. The clothing is from 75-100$. My initial reaction must of been the one your possibly having right now. But if you really think about it, this is a festival where most of the people working here base their life off of.

I met a woman there named, Lady Susan Griffin. She had been working at the Renaissance now for 38 years face painting and was excited to have been working at the festival.

“It keeps me off the streets and out of the pub,” Griffin said. “I have greatly enjoyed working here.”

Griffin as well had been in the circus prior to the Renaissance.

“I was with the ‘Ringling brothers’ many many years ago,” Griffin said with an chuckle. “I was an aerialist, I use to hang about 30 feet in the air until I broke my neck in an accident.”

Griffin believes that God isn’t done with her.

“Hey I’m alive still after that accident,” Griffin said enthusiastically. “God’s not done with me yet, until he says he is.”

Griffin this job is a real job.

“I’ve done this for 38 years,” Griffin said. “Why would I want a ‘real’ job?!”

The festival happens all over the country, and is for everyone.

“People think that these people out here only work on the weekends,” Griffin said. “These shops are producing product 24/7, it’s very hard.”

Those whom have worked there for many years, have home town shows.

“Many of them will go home to their particular area of residence to produce stock all week,”Griffin said. “Then that’s when they put it in their wagon to sell it on the weekend and do it all over again.”

The festival is expected to end November 30 and is open on the weekends from 9 am- 8 pm. If you haven’t gone to see all the great activities, treasures, and amazing people, then you are missing out. There is authentic items, fun, prizes, and food for all kinds of people. I didn’t have a lot of money to bring, yet I still had a lot of fun! If you just go for the experience, it is worth it! So go before it’s gone, and enjoy the mid evil language, people, and atmosphere.

Lady Susan Griffin, The face painter
  Lady Susan Griffin, The face painter
Random Performances happened throughout the festival in all areas
Random Performances happened throughout the festival in all areas

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