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By Marycler Catalan;

GO Davis!! Go Panthers!! In less than a week Davis High School would show their spirit  especially seniors.

I’m a senior looking foreword to the spirit week even though most of us were not happy with our choices but what can we do?. Instead of complaining I try to make the best out of it besides is my last year and is all about having fun.

At the last minute I chicken out and I didn’t run for queen because is to much and it involves drama and I didn’t have enough confident.

I’m also looking foreword to the dance and my school the dances are pretty good with good music, so yeah.

The one thing that I can wait is prom to go shopping with my friends and try so many dresses until we find the perfect one. can’t wait to see people in their crazy and fun spirit were one person has a big and true spirit for their school.

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