Creepy Hollow Hunted House rate Number One In Texas


By: Diana Palacios

Creepy Hollows, 25 minutes outside of downtown Houston, in Rosharon, Texas, has definitely earned its title as the best-haunted house in the Houston area.

From the moment we walked in, even before paying, we were already being trailed by several committed actors, in elaborate costumes who were enthusiastic, while still in character, about letting us take pictures with them. At 30$ per ticket, which includes all three main attractions, it is way cheaper than popular haunted houses like Scream World, Phobia, and Nightmare on the Bayou.

The first attraction is trail in the woods with chain saws, costumes, and the whole spiel. Although dark, the path is easily to follow and the “monsters” were eager to help when we got confused.

The second attraction was an asylum; it was by far the most entertaining one of the three. Each party gets an individual introduction, and surprisingly it didn’t seem rushed. The actors seem like they enjoy their job and like they were actually living in the situation, which made it all seem even more real. The different rooms were very elaborate and I enjoyed just looking at the detail put into each. In the end you could pick the wet path or the dry path, my adventurous friends and I went for the wet path where we were surprised by foam piled all the way to the ceiling, which made it impossible to see or even breathe! I was scared to death, breathing in foam through my nose and mouth until I felt like I was drowning so then I held my breath and felt around for the exit! I would not recommend taking children through the foam.

The third was a scientific testing themed maze where once again you are put in the situation by an actor that (in character of course) treats you like a piece of meat. We were led through several rooms that were well set up and looked completely real. In some rooms the floor actually shook and the steps moved, depending on what fit the theme.

There were several other stops to make in between attractions like a “haunted bus” a disco room. The bus was a bit of a let down, but is expected to undergo remodeling for next year to be another full blown attraction which I am really excited to see. I have to admit, my friends and I had a blast in the disco room, acting like fools. There you also have the option to have someone take pictures of you holding a live snake for FREE. In addition there was only about a 5-minute wait to get to the snake!

Although Creepy Hollows is kind of in the middle of nowhere, it is 100% worth the drive, you get a relatively cheap ticket, short lines and you are in for a great time with your friends.

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