Top Ten Halloween Costume Ideas

By: Laila McCutcheon

Halloween is just around the corner! I cannot decide what to be, but I’ve bounced around a few ideas. I could be a power puff girl with a friend. So, here are the…

Top ten Halloween Costume ideas:


1) Superheroes!!!

Every superhero is just super and any variation of them is too!



2) Villains

Every superhero needs a villain, so pair up with a friend.



3) Princess and prince

This is the cutest combination you can possibly be! Ariel, Cinderella and all the others had their prince, why can’t you?



4) Anything bloody

From dead school girls and dead brides to zombies blood and gore. Isn’t that what Halloween is all about?


images (1)

5) Cartoon characters

From Pokémon to power puff girls, they are always a good idea.



6) Movie characters

Make sure you pick a good movie, so that people will know who you are.

7) Something punny

An example of something punny is just wear a box and when people ask say, “I’m thinking outside the box.”

8) There are always witches and warlocks!

Even though they are stereotypical, they are always great!

9) Another one of the timeless classics is a fair, or a fallen one.

10) Last but not least is the angel and devil duo.

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