As Sweet As Heaven

By: Heaven Murphy

Greetings my Angels!

Today my knee has been killing me! It’s off and on and I have a game tomorrow. My mom says that I am always on the move, and I don’t drink enough water. In my eyes I consume enough water, but as the saying goes, mother knows best.  Next week is my 18th birthday and I feel it is time for me to start watching what I eat.

I am a junkfood fien. Cheerleading keeps me pretty slim, but my health goes far beoynd weight. My matabolism my be decreasing. I was a vegiterian for four months but I lost alot of weight and it was pretty hard to keep the trend going being the only vegitiran in my house.

Temptation called so I gradually weined myself back on to meat. The first time I ate meat I got sick. Even while I was a vegeterian, I ate alot of sweets. My body is my temple and I really need to start putting good things in it can last for the decades to come. My goal is to live past 108.

To make my goal, I have to start now with healthy eating.

Me eating unhealthy candy.
Guilty Pleasure

Are you guys with me?


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