29 Dead, Several Missing After Super Typhoon Hits


As previously reported, Sunday night, Hong Kong was hit by the mega typhoon that also hit Taiwan, China, and the Philippines last week. By the time it actually came around to Hong Kong, the Usagi had luckily been downgraded to a tropical storm.

Although no casualties have yet been reported in Hong Kong, China is reported to have at least 25 deaths, some of which were cause by the falling of trees and window glass, and both Taiwan and the Philippines have reported two deaths each. Several people have been expressed as missing in each of the effected areas.

That night in Hong Kong, over 370 flights in and out were cancelled, ferry transportation shutdown and morning trade sessions were postponed. With the storm taking place during the Mid-autumn festival, many tourists were stranded in the airports for countless hours. One man even complained that his wife, “is four months pregnant and there isn’t any space around for her to sit”.

Fortunately, in light of the minimal damage done compared to what was predicted, the territory is in efforts to get itself back up and running as soon as possible with transportation now reopened.

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