My Forsaken Blazer :( sadface

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I learned this week that I should invest in a better backpack. My wallet won’t stop crying! Through the course of this week, I’ve lost my grey cardigan, my black blazer, my FAVORITE baby pink shimmer lip gloss and an assignment that is due TOMORROW !! (Ms. Ruben is going to be so disappointed. I’m still trying to get off her mud list for leaving the class last week to get an SAT waiver!)

Now that I earn my own money, I value it and my things more, so it kills me every time I think about my 30$ business blazer. It was probably all scared and vulnerable…waiting for me to come scoop it back to safety. *Shakes head* I’M SO SORRY BLAZER !! I hope someone else found it and is enjoying it as much as I did.

It is fairly difficult to keep track of everything when you’re rushing around to different ends of the school all day while holding a billion things and trying to get to class on time. SOMETHING is bound to get dropped, lost, or forgotten. I’ve had to go back for my laptop several times this week due to rushing. I feel like if I had a better backpack, some of these things could have been prevented.

I remember abusing my backpacks as a little kid. I would toss it around at the bus stop to test my strength because I was bored. I chewed on the strap adjuster thingies that were supposed to hang down at my sides. I used to put pens and pencils in the little mesh side pockets that were supposed to hold water bottles and they’d get all ripped up and holey. Remember those backpacks with the wheels that we loved to roll around like suitcases? I used to run with it, until the wheels got caught and it tipped over onto its sides. Then just drag it behind me until I got where I was going (Mostly nowhere. I ran for no reason as a kid).

Now? I would thoroughly appreciate a backpack with all of that space! One with a laptop cubbie, three different compartments and ZIPPERS GALORE! I mean my current backpack is cute, but it’s not nearly as efficient as I’d love it to be. A water-bottle holder sounds like gold right now. I never thought about how something so simple, so easily over-looked could be such a luxury!


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