My babies

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follow site My babies. That’s what I call my nieces and nephew. They are my kids that I am just too young to care for at the moment. My sister has three kids, Ke’Yani, Ja’Naya, and King.

Ke’Yani is the oldest and she is, honestly, my best friend. She is very strong for a five year old little girl and throughout everything, she manages to make everyone happy. I continue to use her as my inspiration, although she in 13 years younger than me, the fact that she continues to stay strong is what keeps me going. She helps me realize that no matter your situation, there should be no reason for you to be feeling bad towards it.

Next in line is Ms. Ja’Naya, she’s a silly one just like me, which is why I think we get along so well. Although we aren’t as close and ‘Yani and I, she still knows who auntie is when I come around, which I love because, again, these are my babies.

Lastly is baby King. The King of the house since he is the only boy in our immediate family. He is only a few weeks old, which means that we aren’t that close relationship wise, but I see our future as best friends. That’ll be aunties roll dog.

I love all my nieces and nephews as though they are my own kids and I’m so happy to say that I have three amazing, wonderful and beautiful children in my life that I can call Aunties Babies.

In my personal opinion, they are the cutest kids and no one in the world will ever be able to be on top of their cuteness. They are the most outgoing kids ever! They always put a smile on my face and I’m not just saying that because they are my family, but because they truly are smart and funny.

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(Left to right King, Ja’Naya. Ke’Yani.)

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