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Living 116 in Music!

By:Maria Ramirez

So some say Christian’s CAN’T rap.

I would highly disagree!

Living unashamed for God isn’t so bad, when you have artist like Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, KB and Andy Mineo out in the world making a difference and trying to spread the love of God as much as possible.

Lecrae started the “116 Clique” and he and all of the team always say that their passion is to change the way people view the world. Honestly, all of their music can relate to every kind of personality out there.

Everyone is preaching something, whether it’s the gospel of money, power and sex, or even education and the American dream.  They aim to serve through art, to bring healing and show others a different way to view their world.

Now how do I, Maria Ramirez, fit into all this?

Not many people know that I like hip-hop. They assume that being christian consists of only listening to gospel music! In my opinion that is the worst assumption that you can make about a christian.


Christian rap has really impacted me and my family. When I tried to get my family to know Jesus more, all I had to do was show them the music and they all started liking it too.

The music allowed me to bring Jesus to them in a way that wasn’t so confronting. Instead, it made them feel comfortable. Now I hear them listening to christian rap everyday!

There is christian rock,pop, rap, hip-hop, techno, dub-step, heavy metal, hardcore, and much more!


Did you know that in Houston there are Christian radio stations playing this type of music?

NGEN radio is christian music with an edge and aims to bring hope to the NOW generation through the music that is played. So if you enjoy that, then check that station out!

KSBJ radio is christian contemporary music that likes to uplift a person’s day with prayer, and if you need some of that then this station is highly recommended!

AIR 1 radio is also christian music with an edge, but there mission statement is to create compelling media that inspires and encourages you to have a meaningful relationship with Christ.


Living unashamed for God isn’t easy, but when you have music, people, radio stations, and a community that encourages you to continue to be on that path, then it helps very much! As I continue to deal with the struggles in my life, I will continue to turn to the music that always makes me feel better. Christian Music ❤





Maria Ramirez
I love Jesus, Christian Rap, and making people laugh!

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