Kirko Bangz!

By: Kymyatta Gabriel

My favorite artist is Kirko Bangz and I honestly love him so much. Honestly ya’ll don’t understand how much I really do love him. How I fell in love with him though, was pretty crazy. I remember, it was my freshman year in high school and I was on YouTube and this girl was covering a song by him. I just thought she was an amazing singer and I had to know what song it was and who was singing. So, I googled him and just thought he was the most beautiful creation ever. I began listening to him after that and the more I listened to him, the more I fell deeper in love with him.

My sophomore year on 12/12/12 he was at the radio station 97.9 and I remember calling four or five times. I let the phone ring until it would just hang up and on the very last time he finally answered. I cried and was screaming the whole time. That day became my favorite day because he told me “I love you too”, after I told him that I loved him. It was the best feeling to have the person who you are in love with tell you that they love you as well. From that day every time that I would talk about Kirko the words “12/12/12 I love Kirko Bangz” would always come out. My friends all think that I’m crazy, but I honestly really do love me some Kirko.

I went to his concert my junior year and it was the most amazing thing ever. Leaving that concert the next day I knew I was going to have a extremely hoarse voice. I screamed his name so much and I had so much fun that night. When he came out I just knew I was going to die. I was trying to record, but I was screaming and crying so much that when I was trying to go to my camera I couldn’t focus my hand enough to. After the concert, I did a story about my experience and all my peers laughed at it.

Kirko is such an amazing artist and let’s not forget beyond handsome. By the way, Kirko, if you ever see this, just know that since I was a freshman in high school I have been a fan. Honestly you can call me a fan from the beginning. Just know I love you forever even though some people may think that I am extremely crazy because of it.


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