purchase generic orlistat online By Marycler Catalan  

Many people hate reading and their reason are: so boring, not interesting or they just don’t like to read.

For those who dislike reading, OK, we respect your opinion, but the one thing that is disrespectful is when you talk rudely about a person who enjoys reading.


To all the people who love reading, don’t stop reading just because people think your a nerd or you don’t have a life. Keep reading!

Reading a book, for many people, is a way to escape trouble and enter a new world, a world where anything can be possible and imagination is the main thing.

Also, books have more detail than a movie and you can create your own characters the way you want. No one can tell you that you are wrong, which is nice.

The characters can be tall, short, have colorful hair or anything! It is your own world.


So next time someone says you that you don’t have a life because you read books, tell them that you do and it’s more fun and interesting than they think.



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