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The Woods Project Changed A Life By: Cristian Moralez

buy provigil israel Last summer, The Woods Project changed┬ámy life. The Woods Project didn’t just give me a trip to Yosemite National Park, it marked a memorable experience that I would never forget.

The Woods Project consists of a two week hike away from home and into the Yosemite National Park at California. The only hard work done was interacting with others and building leadership skills to survive for two weeks.

My experience at Yosemite National Park changed my life by building more leadership skills to my surrounding. Before the trip I was much of a independent worker that didn’t consist in help. Climbing through mountains and backpacking for miles didn’t consist of a certain individual, but in a team.

It wasn’t easy for me and my 10 other partners, to work and hike more then 20 miles a day and carry 40 lbs of equipment each. It wasn’t easy hiking a 10,675 ft mountain but it was a journey that changed my life.



Cristian Moralez
Soccer Fan @Club America From Staten Island New York

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