Texans Outlook After Week 3

The Houston Texans are coming off a terrible loss to the Baltimore Ravens in week 3. After coming out with wins on the last play the previous 2 weeks, the Texans struggled in almost all aspects against the Ravens which led to a 30 to 9 loss. The inability to convert touchdowns in  the red zone killed the team. The Texans controlled the ball for over 12 minuets in the first quarter and all they had to show for it was 6 points on two drives. The Texans then allowed the ravens to go down the field and kick a field goal, but on the very next possession Matt Schaub would throw a pick six to linebacker Daryl Smith. The Texans then go three and out, punt the ball, and then let Tandon Doss return it for a Touchdown. Going into the half down by 8 by adding another long field goal, the Texans let Torrey Smith burn them for 48 yards which eventually led to a touchdown for the Ravens. At this point the Texans would not get anything going the rest of the game. It was sloppy all around with a franchise record of 14 penalties. This can’t continue to happen.


This game has to be the Texans wake up call because after this it’s not getting any easier. Now at 2 and 1 they are tied for the AFC South lead along with the Tennessee Titans who’ve given them a run for their money and the Indianapolis Colts. The division between these three teams could get really competitive. Things need to change for the Texans if they want to pull away and win the division again. You can’t go down to the red zone on your first two drives and only come away with 6 points. It just cant happen. Both times it was either lack of execution in the run game and good tackles by the Ravens or Matt Schaub overthrowing Andre Johnson and throwing the ball not even into the endzone or beyond the first down marker. Both situations ended up being passed defensed. Another major problem is the lack of time Matt Schaub has had in the pocket. What contributed to this was the absence of Starting Left Tackle Duane Brown who they hope to have back next week. Everyone knows Schaubs shortcomings when it comes to extending plays or avoiding the pass rush. In order for him and this offense to be successful the guys gonna need better protection, if not then the run game needs to be more consistent with big plays and not just short small gains almost every time. No matter what situation or how much pressure Schaub receives, he cannot throw interceptions especially pick sixes. The group just needs to play better and more consistent on offense. If you do that the big plays will come. The defense hasn’t played awful. They technically only allowed 16 points, but it would be a lot better if they could get off the field more frequently on third downs, avoid penalties, and start forcing some turnovers.


Onto  next week the Texans are gonna need all they got. They are playing the 3 and 0 Seattle Seahawks, a team most  have pegged as the best team in football. The Seahawks have one the deepest and most talented defenses in the league. The defensive backs group ‘The Legion Of Boom’ along with plenty of high level pass rushers will make it very hard on the Texans offense to do anything. The Seahawks have only given up an average of 9 points per game and it’s hard to imagine the Texans doing too much better than that. On Offense the Seahawks have a small, but really good quarterback in Russel Wilson, along with Running back Marshawn Lynch also know as Beast Mode. The receiving core is only average, but the Texans are going to have to try to take advantage of the left side of the Seahawks offensive line since starting left tackle Russel Okung is on Short Term IR.


In the NFL every game is a must win. There are only 16 games in a season and a lot of the times you wish that you could have had just that one game go a different way. In that sense this upcoming game is a must win if the Texans don’t want to fall behind the Titans and The Colts. The Titans are playing the inconsistent New York Jets who they should be favorites against and the Colts coming off a big win against the 49ers  are playing the win less Jacksonville Jaguars.  If things dont go the Texans way this Sunday they could be at 2 and 2 looking up at their two division rivals.

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