Hey twin!

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Lyrica 150 mg purchase “I wish I was a twin.”

Those words are nearly said to me every time someone finds out that I’m a twin. It’s actually quite funny when people give a description of how their life would be with a twin. Most people would say, ” We would dress alike all the time and would be together every second of the day.” This is true in some cases.

Me and my twin , Jaron , were born 2 minutes apart from each other and are fraternal twins meaning that we were formed in 2 different eggs.  Some people say, ‘The doctor adds 2 minutes between some twin’s actual birth time if they were born right after each other.” So were we actually 2 minutes apart? The world may NEVER KNOW!

We were born very pre-maturely, so we only weighed 2.2 and 2.9 pounds. The discussion continues on which of us weighed which amount, but a copy of our birth certificates can easily answer that question. Despite the hardships we faced in the hospital, including my brother having to get a needle in his head because he didn’t have a enough blood, we grew up to be strong and intelligent young men.

Living as a twin is very different than living as a “single”. We live together, so things go on that no one knows about and we share insiders all day that no one understands except us. We’ve had almost all of the same classes since middle school and still do as seniors in high school. We know each other’s attitude and actually do things that most people believe twins do.

We don’t read each other’s mind or anything, but we finish each others sentences. One of us may be thinking of something, but the other one says it aloud and then there’s this loud celebration of acknowledging that we were thinking about the same exact thing.

Some days being a twin can be challenging. Especially with parents. If one of us gets blamed for doing something, than the other has to get included in the consequences. In some cases, our father is looking for one of us.It is implied that since we are twins, we should know where the other twin is. Overall,we never want to see each other down, so when one is feeling angry or sad, we try our best to pick the other up.

But overall, a twin is irreplaceable. To the left!

To the left!

Here’s a link of some facts that you may not have known about us fraternal twins. CLICK IT!!




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