Just Another Day at Lee

By: Guadalupe Rodriguez
As a four year student at Lee High School, I was not very surprised when after three weeks of instruction, our senior English dual credit class was all of sudden shut down in one night. The senior class of 2015 had been working towards getting a dual credit class since April of 2014. We took off important class time to register for Houston Community College and took trips across the city to take entrance level exams. In August when we finally got our schedules we saw the fancy “1301” at the end of English IV – most of the previous AP Language kids were more than excited to be given the opportunity to advance at a college level.
  Unfortunately for us, the disorganization of the process to get this class up in running is still quite prominent. At the beginning of the year we were not given a syllabus because our school had not contacted HCC prior to school starting to find out what the college English I curriculum was. So for a week we just had impromptu debates and had some analytical reading, nothing too fancy. We waited a week and a half to hear from HCC and we were finally getting the hang of thinking like a college student when all of a sudden things got worse. Despite being told that everyone who was put in dual credit qualified for it, and despite the fact that all the students were actively participating during our two weeks of instruction, we were all of sudden told on Thursday that only 3 students in the whole school had qualified for any dual credit class and that everyone would either A) have to retake the test to qualify or B) be switched to regular English. Because most our school has to work or have transportation issues, retaking the entrance exams was not a choice.
The next day the class was split between the people who took the entrance exam and the ones who did not, and unfortunately the ones who did not got the short end of the stick by automatically being switched to regular English or AP Literature. The other half was then told to line up and check if they qualified. A good 10-15 people counted as “qualified” for the class but yet another setback came up when we tried to register for the class no one had their HCC PEIMS number. So that day no registrations (except maybe a lucky three) were done and most of us were left with another weekend full of questions, but our biggest questions was, “was there going to be a dual credit class after all?”
  And the answer is no, Monday during fourth period we were all informed that the English dual credit class was to be canceled.
But now a new question has come up, whats going to happen to all the dual credit students? Will they be placed in AP Lit?  Will their schedules be ruined because as of right now, there’s only one AP Literature class available and the current dual credit teacher is not qualified to teach AP. Will they placed in regular English, and be forced to take a class that is too easy for them?
Now we must wait at least another day to find out exactly is going to happen to the advanced English students. It would be a shame if after four years of working hard in Pre-AP English I/II and AP Language, we would be the ones to receive the short end of the stick. STAY TUNED…

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