Craig Morrison Prepares for North American Single Tour, Wins Awards

Craig Morrison is an up-and-coming Australian country singer who is starting to make it big in the U.S.. Morrison performed at Houston’s International Festival last April and received the festival’s highest honor, the Dr. Z Artist of the Year award, adding to his growing collection of trophies just as his first radio single goes to charts.

Q:What brought you to America?

A: I came to America three years ago because I was on a promise to my father-in-law to bring my wife back to her native country. She’d lived in Australia for 12 years. Being that I was an established artist in Australia doing big shows there, I thought, you know we’ll move to America, go to Nashville, and you know, start doing some shows. I got to Nashville and it’s…it’s a totally new world. It’s really really hard. I’m only just now, three years later, starting to do some shows.

Q: How do you feel about winning the award?

A: It was amazing! Absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to tell the people back home in Australia. I just actually won a really big award in France. And it’s kind of funny like a week later, winning an award here.

Q: How does Australian country music differ from American country music?

A: It’s a little more broad here than in Australia. They’re trying to keep a little more of a stranglehold on what country music is. I love country music. I love that you can go and listen to anything from western swing to Colt Ford.

Q: What’s your favorite variety of country music?

A: I love all good music and I love to play all good music. I play downtown a little in Nashville as well, so I know a lot of covers [laughs]. Everything from “Country Roads”…I love country roads. I used to love doing “Wagon Wheel”. But I play it downtown now five nights a week so it’s wearing out a little. Still, it’s a great song.

Q: How long have you been playing?

A: All my life. My father was an entertainer. His stage name Lucky Starr. He was the first man to record a song called “I’ve Been Everywhere”. So, I come from a family of music.

Q: What venues are you aiming for when you come back?

A: Really, right now, I’m going to get the single radio. It is a machine. It’s going to go to radio. It’s going to chart. Then I’m going to tour with some big act or do a small tour of my own.

Q: Got a new album coming out?

A: I have a single coming out next week. Got an EP coming out. I’m working with a producer his name is Kent Wells. He’s amazing. He’s got a lot of stuff going. Great man to work with.

Q: How did you meet him?

I was referred to him and I wanted him to produce a song. I went in and when he heard me sing, and he heard the songs I’d been doing, he said, ‘You don’t have to pay me Zack. I want to work with you.’ So that’s how it started. It’s a dream come true.

Q: Do you have any advice for a musician that wants to start his or her own band?

A: There’s always room for improvement. Every time I get on stage I learn something new. I love to watch other acts because sometimes they’re doing something I never did that I think is really cool. And you’ll do that forever. If you really love music, really love the industry, you’ll always want to learn more and more and more about what it is. Don’t ever be complacent.

Craig Morrison certainly has a wide future in store. Working with Kent Wells, a Grammy-nominated producer, his new single should prove a big hit on the tour he has planned. Morrison is sure to find just as many fans in the U.S. as he found in the great down under.

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