Double Homicide Takes Place in Houston Nursing Home

Guillermo Correa, a wheelchair bound man at who resides at local Lexington Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, has been arrested for a double homicide.

Correa reportedly had a conflict with his two roommates, and began arguing with them late last night. Police said that he then hit both men with the arm rest on his wheelchair.

The blows caused severe head trauma and both men were already dead when police arrived to the scene.

The two men were Antonio Acosta, 77,  and Primitivo Lopez, 51. Sources say the nursing home is relatively tranquil normally and this is the first such incident reported at the facility.

Silvia Pera

Silvia is a current senior at Carnegie Vanguard High School. She writes for the Houston Chronicle classroom newspaper, DUDE magazine, and the Carnegie Voice (her school's newspaper). She is co-print editor for the Chronicle Insight.

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