Reflections of a Teenage Drama Queen

This past week was Spring Break, which is of course the best time to make important decisions. I did just that: I committed to the university that will be my home for the next four years.

Making this decision, however, has caused me to realize how much I will miss high school. Certainly, high school isn’t perfect, and I’ve never pictured myself to be the one to revel in their glory days, but here I am.

My high school has about 600 students, all of which I know by face, if not their names. The college I’m going to attend has over 50,000 students, which absolutely terrifies me. Sure, I’ll get used to it, but at the moment I’m quite fond of my safe little bubble of a high school.

In addition, next fall I will be moving three hours away from my parents. Although I am excited about the change in scenery, I am nervous about leaving home. Knowing that my older sister is in the same city does provide some comfort though, thank goodness. High school is a place where, if need be, a parent can show up to pick you up in a jiffy. You commute every day. You live with your parents no matter how much you do or don’t want to.

High school, for me, is a place where I excel. High school is something that I’m used to and that I’ve gotten good at these past four years.

But college is going to be quite the adventure!

Christine Vanderwater

Christine Vanderwater is a senior at Carnegie Vanguard High School. Besides being co-editor of the Chronicle Insight's print publication, she is a short story writer, novelist, blogger and poet and is on the newspaper staff at her high school.

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