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Aer Performs at Fitzgerald’s

By: Helen Lu

Tired of the monotony of mainstream music that has saturated the industry? Just take a breath of fresh Aer.

Fitzgerald’s was shaking during the lively Aer concert on the 14th. The opening acts New Beat Fund, odd and upbeat, and RDGLDGRN, hip-hop rock, were both quite different from the headliner and left the audience impatiently waiting for Carter Schultz and David von Mering, the members of Aer, to take the stage.

Playing songs from their newly released self-titled album, David moved calmly with his guitar while Carter jumped around the stage to their own music. However it was the songs from their past album ‘The Bright Side’ that had the whole crowd excited. My eardrums were taken out by the crowd’s screams when ‘Float My Boat’ began playing and even more excitement pervaded the audience with the performance of ‘Like The Way’. After Carter crowd surfed, there was no question that everyone liked the way Aer was interacting with the audience.

Oozing good vibes and refreshing beats, Aer started creating their own music style, a mix of reggae and rap, in 2010 during high school. Their spitfire rhythm sequences sparked cheers and repetitive melodic phrasing made it easy for the audience to sing along.

Almost full, Fitzgerald’s proved to be the perfect venue to give all fans a good view of the band. The intimacy from the small floor area and small stage meant actual eye contact with the artists and good pictures. A simple set gave the atmosphere of down to earth music without too many flashing lights. The audience ranged from high schoolers to middle age adults, yet the dynamic crowd found ways to get along.

During the meet and greet after the concert, Aer posed with fans and signed autographs. Not only are they good musicians, they are also genuinely nice people!

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